JAM FEST ’16 had started with a lot of pomp and show. The famous Jamshedpur Carnival which happens every year with a lot of festivity was on its peak and in one of the JAM STREETS Mr. Govind Sharan , the head of Tata Urban Services called up for a meeting. Suman Prasad went to meet Govind Sir and there she was given the proposal of a wall painting which will be a part of the JAM FEST ‘ 16 which was continuing. Earlier the proposal was to have a wall painting on the office wall of Urban Services at the outside arena but when Suman Prasad had a view of the wall at Bistupur near Kwality she decided that wall to be her site of work. Instead of one wall she wanted to do wall decor on the two adjacent big walls as those walls would turn out to be very eye catching. The first design put forth was of famous personalities but the walls being in the marketplace, it did not seem to be a good idea. Then theme painting and some graffiti paintings were also proposed but that also was a no. Finally, Indian tribal paintings were approved. JUSCO assured us to provide us with a ready wall and an arrangement of railings for our convenience to work. The first day I got a call from Suman Prasad to send her a content about a painting happening in Bistupur for JAM FEST’ 16 as I also being a content writer at Flaminart then I got to know about the whole scenario. Then I also joined the entire team. It started off on 19th of December’ 16 and we worked on the paintings for four days till 22nd of December’ 16. As it was in the marketplace the painting became the center for attraction and the usual white walls were getting a very unique touch. That event was a memorable one for the entire team. The members involved were Suman Prasad, Rishav Malhar, Shweta Singh, Shazia Kalam, Rajiv Kumar, Adarsh Agiwal, Priyadarshni Khatua, Ravi Singh, Chandrakant Nand, Nisha Jha, Khushbu Agarwal, Anuj Mallick and myself. Ravi Singh, an excellent artist joined us being Suman Prasad’s friend and the effects which he brought along with Rishav and Anuj added a touch of charm to the paintings and it was beyond imagination. The most enjoyable moment to share throughout the event was the time when we had food after our hard work. We used to climb up the railings not only to work but it had also become our dining space for those four days. It was a fun event. While working we had lot of selfies clicked, we also shot some live videos, lot of uploads on facebook, to wrap it all up it was a gala event for the entire team. We had some funny moments with bursts of laughter stating one to be an unusual moment with Chandrakant. Everyone worked with lot of dedication. We used to start working from morning and would work till evening. Sometimes it so happened that colours would droop from brushes, lines were being mistaken, it was difficult to reach some parts of the walls to paint but we would somehow bend ourselves or fit in to awkward positions to those areas putting out best efforts. FlaminArt was lucky to be able to grab this opportunity and enhance its popularity because this event helped us attract a lot of clients and so our work scale increased. The response we got from people was just amazing. The two walls became a selfie corner for people who passed by. A buzz was created all over which blew away our minds. We were very happy with the response. FlaminArt got media coverage from Prabhat Khabar. All the members who participated and had put in their efforts were given a recognition from Tata Steel by appreciating their efforts in the form of certificates. We are thankful to Tata Steel and Mr. Govind Sharan. A proud achievement and wonderful team work. Four days of painting, fun, yummy food and cherishing moments. Cheers to FlaminArt.FB_IMG_1482404228654IMG_20161220_125853IMG_20161220_164152_HDRIMG_20161220_153515_HDRFB_IMG_1482588516362received_1212104855546426