The project of working on Foodify Restaurant came through the reference of Mr. Mukesh Sharma being our old client. Hotel Castle was owned by Mr. Mukesh Sharma initially then it was handed over to Mr. Praveen Singh. Earlier it was named Annapurna and finally the restaurant was being relaunched with the name Foodify Restaurant. Its the first theme based restaurant and the theme being Tatanagar so it was actually a big gift to Jamshedpur as Foodify also planned for having live bands performing in the restaurant. FlaminArt was approached for wall murals. The mural was to portray Tata Steel Industry on the wall. It was actually a silhouette of Tata Steel Industry which is done on a black paper. We did the wall mural as usual with lot of dedication and to our best. This wall mural is one of our best murals. Its excellence personified. Our client had a requirement of sketches and he asked us if we could propose a good sketch artist to him unaware of the fact that FlaminArt also is an expertise in sketches and portraits. On being asked to suggest a good sketch artist when Suman Prasad unleashed that they work on sketches, Mr. Praveen Singh was very pleased. Then Suman Prasad enquired about the whereabouts of the sketches they needed. Suman Prasad and Rishav Malhar got a detailed explanation that as Foodify is a theme based restaurant and the theme being Tatanagar and on top of that they had live band performances therefore the sketches should speak all about Tatanagar in its ancient form representing our city. They gave us a good number of sketches to portray. The requirement was to portray how Tatanagar came to existence, our first locomotive, the ancient picture of Kalimati, showing how old Sakchi and TMH looked like. In addition to this they also wanted three exclusive portraits of three legends who have a big hand in finding and shaping up Jamshedpur to what it is today. One coloured portrait of JRD Tata – Our Founder and two black and white portraits of Ratan Tata and Nusserwanji Tata. It was a huge project and something impeccable and challenging to be done. After all the discussion the old pictures were derived from internet and the task of converting the pictures to sketches started off. The person behind the excellence of the sketches you see at the Foodify Restaurant is Rishav Malhar. The way he has made every sketch is just jaw dropping. Some sketches have also been worked upon by Suman Prasad lending her hand somewhere here and there but Rishav needs to be given a pat on his shoulder for such spectacular sketches. Its an advice from me to every Jamshedpurian to please go and visit Foodify once to witness the excellence of what Rishav has done. There is a cute story related to Foodify which I would like everyone to know, just a few days after the opening of the restaurant it was Suman Prasad’s birthday so she decided to celebrate in Foodify and she had a blast there getting reasonable discount. It was an amazing experience to work on Foodify Restaurant. This has been one of the most impressive works of FlaminArt. We are thankful to Mr. Praveen Singh and very overwhelmed with the response we have got and very proud of Rishav Malhar.IMG-20170405-WA0006IMG-20170405-WA0008IMG-20170405-WA0009IMG-20170405-WA0007