It is an undeniable fact that FlaminArt has come a long way in the field of art with some excellent projects to pull through. We have been successful in attaining a good name in Jamshedpur and now we have set another landmark by working for a brand named The Dugout. Its a great achievement for FlaminArt to associate itself to The Dugout. Since we have worked for The Dugout let me tell you something about Dugout, its actually a cafe lounge with sports as a theme. In Kolkata, Dugout has two outlets one in Sarat Bose Road and the other in Southern Avenue. The Jamshedpur outlet of Dugout has opened in partnership of Mr.Ankit Chowdhary and Mr.Sunil Rungta. They have taken sports as a theme to attract sports lovers to enjoy with friends in a sports atmosphere as Dugout is meant to be a place where players sit in a stadium. They are planning to open an outlet in Bhubneshwar very soon. The Dugout people had a graffiti ready with them related to sports and were looking for eligible and renowned artists who could successfully work on their proposed design. One of our clients recommended us to them. Suman Prasad was called up for a meeting with the managers- Mr.Ankit Chowdhary and Ms.Kirti Mohta where she received the design. It was a portrait of three famous football players. It was a tough design as FlaminArt had never worked on something like this before but we never refuse our clients no matter how tough the work is and accept every work with a smile and wide open arms. The wall which was allotted to us was very irregular so it had to be furnished to work out over it smoothly without any hindrance. Then the proposed design was not very clear so it had to be improvised as it had many loopholes. Coming to the most difficult part of it- the layouting, we had a tough time making the layout as the area of the wall got increased from what we were working on earlier so a fresh layouting had to be done all over again. We pulled through the layout of the design and then moved on with color filling and other details of the graffiti. We worked there for five days. Suman Prasad and Rishav Malhar are worth praising for what they have done. Their hard work and dedication is really commendable. Its is something very exciting and one of the most unique concepts on which FlaminArt has worked. I visited the site once and I was completely blown over by the excellence of what was being done. The graffiti looked effortless. I must mention that with what I got to witness I have a very strong belief that FlaminArt can do anything and everything in the field of art. Shazia Kalam and Shweta Singh have also given their dedicated contribution to this outstanding work. The ultimate goal of every artist be it a painter or a dancer or a musician or in any other form of art is to grab the attention of his or her audience so while we had reached halfway through the project we got some reviews from the people who visited Dugout that this is a trend which is followed in metrocities but its interesting that something like this is happening in Jamshedpur and they were very impressed with our work. FlaminArt being a part of it is spell bounding. The response of the visitors was just amazing. When we were on the verge of finishing our work a group of boys and girls came and started clicking selfies and that experience made us feel special. One thing is for sure that wherever FlaminArt has worked that respective wall always becomes a selfie corner as that particular arena is the center of attraction for every person viewing it. The concept which we were working on was very fresh for both Jamshedpur and FlaminArt so we were in a dilemmatic situation whether we would be able to bring out the proper faces of the football players but the reviews of people gave us a sense of relief and the assurance that the portraits have come out really well. The appreciation which we are getting from people is very overwhelming for us. This particular project can be listed as the most innovative and commendable works of FlaminArt. We are extremely thankful to the unit of Dugout for having immense faith in us and supporting us throughout. It was five days of great fun and great work.IMG-20170529-WA0006IMG-20170529-WA0008IMG-20170529-WA0010     IMG-20170529-WA0002