FlaminArt stepped into Softy Corner with an enquiry on Suman Prasad’s facebook page. The owner of Softy Corner Mr. Varun Soni had dropped in a message conveying that he owns an ice cream parlour where needs a wall decor to be done. Our owner Suman Prasad was not aware that the enquiry actually came from Softy Corner. During that time FlaminArt was working at Time Out Restaurant Bistupur and simultaneously a meetins was scheduled to meet Mr. Varun Soni. When Suman Prasad visited the meeting venue then she got to know that it was a deal coming from Softy Corner. It was an astonishing surprise for her. The meeting concluded with showing her the wall which was the area to be painted. There was a black wall in the premises of Softy Corner which had stickers on it but it was a smooth and plain wall so Suman Prasad being an artist thought that the black wall was to be painted but that was not so. A brick wall which was actually a wall laced with tiles was the place to be decored. It was a compete irregular wall. That was the toughest part of the entire work as working on a tiled and irregular wall had never been a forte. It was a tough task to do. We tried to convince the client to have the wall decor on a smooth wall referring to the black wall with stickers but the stickers were not to be removed as they really liked those stickers so the client refused even after repeated requests. It was a challenge but we never say no to any client so the challenge was accepted with wide open arms. The client explained the concept to Suman Prasad that its an ice cream parlour and they target youth as their sole visitors hence, the wall decor should be related to softies and ice creams the name being Softy Corner and it should also depict youth. With this the work proceeded by taking wall measurements. Suman Prasad worked on the design taking references from wherever she could. She came up to a design but the client was not satisfied. After proposing 4 to 5 designs with overnight discussions with the client one of the designs was finalised where Softy Corner was written in the centre of the decor to be laid on the wall. Finally after the omission of Softy Corner being written in the centre of the design a small sneak of characters came up which showed the concept of problems and solutions where a boyfriend cuddles his angry girlfriend with a softy. This turned to be the approved design and the work went ahead. Suman Prasad and Nisha Jha were working on this project. They had to face lot of harships as it was a harrasing job to paint on a tiled wall because in a normal wall 2 coats become a big hit but being a brick wall it needed 5 to 6 coats to bring out the proper colour. Outlining over characters was a complete mess as the surface of the wall was irregular. With every difficulty it was also fun working there as we had an amazing client to offer us softies till the day we finished working there. So, with the cool softies our pain melted and we enjoyed working in Softy Corner. While we were working people came with their families and seeing the wall they got interested to take selfies. The best part was even Suman and Nisha were a part of the selfies clicked. Softy Corner has been a stepping stone for us getting famous all over. A pathbreaking performance with every obstacle that came our way. The appreciation was evident when we were asked to give our contact information as people were asking for it showing lot of interest in FlaminArt.IMG-20170208-WA0016IMG-20170208-WA0017