There’s a famous saying that everything happens for a reason and turned out to be true with this yet another amazing national achievement of FlaminArt. Suman Prasad got a random call from a government officer from Mango asking her to work on a house made under the PM Awas Yojna Programme. It was stated that the house needs to be decorated in a very unique and attractive manner and this was actually a part of a competition where such decorated houses under the mentioned initiative will be sent across in the ministry and one of them will be chosen as winner at the national level. The officer said that they have got other houses decorated as well but they found it to be very mediocre and monotonous and somebody recommended them to get the work done by FlaminArt. So it was something which Suman and her entire team is very enthusiastic about- a competition. It was no less a matter but a national level competition and the whole team of FlaminArt only had one thought in their minds that it will be a matter of great honor and pride if they will be able to raise the name of their city Jamshedpur and state Jharkhand in the national forum. They were ready to give their best with a lot of positivity and full hopes of winning the competition. They took it as a competition in full spirit and not as just another professional project which will make them earn money. The design and layout were made and sent for approval. Once the approval was sent to FlaminArt, they started working on the project with the thought that they will do all they have to with utmost dedication and zeal and bring out something outstanding. The time lapse for the complete transformation of the rural house was just 3 to 4 days but since it was to be sent to the ministry on an urgent basis hence FlaminArt agreed to finish it on the given time. After completing with the decoration of the house it looked really different and it stood aloof of the entire village and looked absolutely eye catching and unique. Now it was time for Suman to let out another passion of hers- photography. Yes, that’s right the photography was done by her and while doing so she found that children in the village were so fascinated and attracted with that house that it became the favorite place for them to study and play and this was something which nobody could resist capturing. All this happened with great energy and hard work and it was forwarded to the ministry but no one was expecting what happened next. It was unbelievable to know that the reach of the transformation of the house was immense. The tweet  of Mr Hardeep Singh Puri, the Civil Aviation Minister of India and Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in India about the same house with a very encouraging message, which reached out to our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi came to Suman as a pleasant surprise and the same thing was retweeted by our chief minister Mr. Raghuvar Das, this was something which the team of FlaminArt never dreamt of. They were able to fetch national recognition to their city and state. Their happiness knew no bounds. It is true that if you strive to do something with all your heart, it will definitely bear fruits and what better than this. A big congratulations to the entire team of FlaminArt and we really hope to bag the reward as well. Fingers crossed!IMG-20190608-WA0012IMG-20190608-WA0019IMG-20190608-WA0011IMG-20190608-WA0018IMG-20190901-WA0000IMG-20190608-WA0016