The journey has not been a cakewalk. It takes a lot of hard work and panicking situations of life to deal with and be able to reach the height of success. Suman Prasad, the proprietor and founder of FlaminArt was busy with her job and life proceeded on when one fine day an aunt of hers asked her to paint something on a canvas. The canvas was supposed to be the wall of the her house. Suman was taken aback with the idea of having a painting on a wall. It was a strange state of affairs for her. She thought that she had entered a complete foreign world and is completely clueless of the whereabouts. Her aunt explained her the concept of wall decals and the journey begun with painting five walls of the same house. After this also FlaminArt did not have an existence until Suman Prasad came across the profile of an international artist who was into wall murals and decals. She could relate to it as she had also tried doing something of that sort but she was highly impressed and inspired with that profile and wanted to make a career pursuing it. Suman Prasad started living with the idea and had sleepless nights. She went mad over what she saw and something really big was cooking up in her mind. The resignation of her job was a resultant of this madness and she planned of building up something extraordinary for herself. It was not an easy decision to resign from her job as money was a primary need of the house and lot of financial drawbacks hindered her but somehow she managed from her art classes. All this followed by thinking of a name to begin with. After a lot of rigorous brainstorming FlaminArt was finalized giving a way to the innovation which led to become an epic name. Suman Prasad started approaching delegates, builders and so on but everything was not as smooth as it is thought to be. A lot of rejections came her way which were sufficient to supress and demoralize a person but as they say ” Don’t lose hope is the moral of the story”,Suman Prasad practiced exactly that and was focused and determined towards what she planned to achieve. Whatever had been done in the aunt’s home she posted that on Facebook through which the masses started taking interest and approached her. With this the business took a pace and suddenly through god knows where a media person from Prabhat Khabar came up to Suman Prasad to take an interview. This particular interview published on the newspaper and became a big reason to give a huge hipe to her passion and dream. The bird started developing wings to make her flight. Suman Prasad was in full swing with what she desired to do. Continuous media coverage in almost every newspaper having a half page, somewhere a full page or even a headline article on what FlaminArt has been doing was a remarkable achievement and Suman Prasad was on cloud nine and was blissfully happy. Not only did FlaminArt get publicity on newspapers but also over social media be it online websites and international sites. Gradually, opportunities opened doors from all over even overseas but it was tough to go out and work as Jamshedpur itself was difficult to cope up with as loads of projects piled on. The journey has been full of hardships but FlaminArt is in the go with the love, support and blessings of family, friends, our clients and other masses who have been with us throughout. Earlier, Ankita Agiwal was a support in the business and as time passed by Nisha Jha and Rishav Malhar walked in and are constantly there. Some students of the Flaminart Academy as well as from the art classes also participate in commercial projects which helps them gain experience and knowledge. FlaminArt fetched special invitations from events as and when it gained popularity. The whole experience of being in events has been amazing. FlaminArt as a company has been successful in completing some splendid projects such as Time Out Restaurant, Softy Corner, Dental Clinic Apex Hospital, Foodify Restaurant, K.K.Orchard Academy, Golden Leaf Resort, Railway Station for which certificate was being awarded from the DRM of Tatanagar Railway Station and Suman Prasad’s photography has been taken as the cover photo of the first edition of Yuva Vista Magazine and FlaminArt has also got a coverage in the magazine which itself is a great laurel. One of the most unique parts of FlaminArt is live stage paintings, the first painting was at XLRI where Michael Jackson was portrayed in a five minutes performance, then at the launch ceremony of Yuva Vista Magazine where youth based painting was made and a Facebook live video of Ganesh Ji on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi which turned out to be a very famous painting. We hope that FlaminArt keeps growing this way and gains more popularity and everyone continues to support the same way. FlaminArt is heartily thankful for the acceptance of the people.IMG-20171006-WA0005IMG-20171006-WA0004IMG-20171006-WA0006IMG-20171006-WA0007