Time Out Restaurant actually happened to us as a coincidence. It was like a tongue-twister. FlaminArt was proposed to work for Payal Cinema. The entire hall was getting renovated therefore, the HR if Payal Cinema contacted us to have wall decor at the exit arena. Suman Prasad was very excited to work on this project as she thought this to be a chance for her to showcase her talent and excellence in what she does and it also seemed to be a big opportunity to start off to work towards flourishing in the field of art in Jamshedpur. It was a very big deal to work for this project as it was for a famous place in Jamshedpur on a large scale. Somehow it did not work out and Suman Prasad had to cut a sorry face as she faced disappointment. On the other hand Mr.Nalin Goyal,an interior designer approached Suman Prasad to work on a project of an upcoming restaurant in Bistupur. The proposition was taken into account. After the site visiting wall measurements were taken but Suman Prasad was unaware of the fact that it was actually a franchise of the time out restaurant at the premises of Payal Cinema. When Suman Prasad was directly contacted by Mr. Rahul Sawa then she got to know that the project she approved working on is actually a franchise of where she earlier wanted to work on. Her happiness knew no bounds and she got a new positive energy to work on the project. There was a big problem with the area of the wall. The measurements we had taken failed to fall accurate as the area of the wall decreased and it may have led to decrement of the rates but the rates were not compromised. The idea was to work on the concept of Mario Miranda, a famous artist. Referring to Mario Miranda’s concept the design which was made turned out to be a big hit. Mr. Nalin Goyal gave a brotherly advice to Suman Prasad to not get bothered with the rates or anything else but to just go on working. The design given to them was not even a proper print out but a free hand sketch done using markers and sketch pens. Nalin Sir had been such a supportive hand to give us every comfort. Food was offered to us from Yellow Tree Restaurant. Working till late night was never an issue as conveyance was also provided. When you get such supporting clients it is always a blessing. The support extended to us was amazing. The best part is we bring out the best in us after every obstacle we face. Our work was highly appreciated. The hindrances that come our way make us stronger than earlier and give us the zeal to work more harder and bring out the best. We are never weak towards facing any difficulty.12647220_955361914540110_961321878164606453_n 12654480_955361704540131_3700676734847117770_n