There’s nothing more special than the love of a mother just like there’s nothing more powerful than the strength of a mother to save and protect her child from every difficult situation single handedly. A mother can be the most subtle person and she can be the most outrageous too. So here we are going to deliver to everyone a beautiful and emotional story of one such mother whose none other than Mrs. Lakshmi Devi, the mother of Suman Prasad. She has four daughters and is very proud of it. Being a woman she had to deal with all the repercussions of the society as she delivered four daughters but very courageously along with her husband went against all the orthodox societal norms and never had differentiated between a daughter and a son in fact never felt the need to have a son. Mr. Ashok Prasad, Suman Prasad’s father was a Tisco employee and used to work in Tata Main Hospital as one of the medical staffs,he was questioned on having only daughters but he was not disheartened with the fact that he was having daughters. The parents of four daughters actually rejoiced the fact that they had four daughters and it was a matter of pride for them. The family insisted on having a son in the family but Mr. Ashok Prasad never really forced his wife on this. When Suman Prasad was born, her father always considered her to be the son of the family and treated her like one in every way whether it is the haircut or the clothes she used to wear or anything else. Her mother says that whenever she used to get outfits for Suman thinking of her as a girl which she actually is, her father would get offended and deny of letting her wear anything traditional so this is how Suman was looked upon as the son in their family. Life continued with its pace and one fine day Mrs. Lakshmi discovered that Suman had talent and keen interest towards art and conveyed this to her husband and they decided to get her admission done in Jamshedpur School of Arts. There was one point when Suman started bunking her art classes and losing interest in it because she had the desire to have a bicycle to go to the art school. Her mother strived to not let her lose interest in it so she insisted on her having a bicycle which was fulfilled and then Suman continued going to her art classes. It won’t be wrong to say that Mrs. Lakshmi Devi supported her daughters in whatever they wanted to do but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her husband who supported his daughters equally but what if suddenly one of the nurturing hands vanishes and only the mother remains for her daughters. Yes this is what happened, Mrs.Lakshmi Devi lost her husband in an accident and it was heart wrenching situation for the entire family. She lost conscience and was mentally disturbed. She couldn’t take the fact that her husband is no more. It was very tormenting not only for her but also for her daughters and the entire family. She had to undergo medical treatment but it was not bearing fruits and she just continued to stay mentally unstable for a very long span. All her four daughters were struggling with their lives and trying to shape up their careers. Financial shortcomings arose in the family and that was the time when Suman was in the final year of her graduation. Somehow all the four sisters managed to handle the situation in the best way possible. Finally, a day came when Mrs. Lakshmi Devi’s siblings decided to get her into a mental asylum as everybody was getting affected because of her mental status but Suman on hearing this retaliated and stopped her mother from being admitted to an asylum. Then Mrs. Lakshmi also mustered courage having realization of being a single mother and has to serve also as a father and cater to all the needs of her daughters was on the verge of getting back to her normal self and then there was no looking back. She proved to be a woman of excelling will power and substance. She became a pillar of support for her daughters and gave them boosting confidence and the strength to face all difficult situations in life with utmost dignity. She tried to become a strength to her daughters and continues to do so by supporting them in all their endeavors. She is the only guardian to her four daughters who serves to be a guide to in dilemma-tic situations. Last year on the occasion of International Women’s Day, The Telegraph had organized an event where all the mothers of those females who are excelling in their field were felicitated by DC Sir. Mrs.Lakshmi Devi made it to the list of one of those mothers. It was a matter of great pride for Suman Prasad that she could make her mother proud and it was a result of her hard work and dedication that her mother could come to such a platform to receive the honour of being her mother. Suman was very happy and overwhelmed that she could make it possible for her mother to be recognized and honoured. Mrs. Lakshmi Devi has played a very vital role in whatever Suman Prasad is today or could be in the near future. She is not just a good wife but an excellent mother and yes her daughters have made her extremely happy and proud by excelling in life through different ventures and making her rise above through all walks of life. The four sisters are fortunate to have a strong mother like her and Mrs. Lakshmi Devi is lucky to have such wonderful daughters.IMG-20190307-WA0016IMG-20190307-WA0009    IMG-20190307-WA0008IMG-20190307-WA0023